Your Child

BHT Early Education and Training’s core values place your child at the heart of our childcare and nursery education practice with an embedded and effective key person system in place. We appreciate that your child is a confident and critical thinker who will explore and make sense of the world around them. Each practitioner will individually plan for your child has built up a relationship with them. By gaining extensive insight into their interests, practitioners are able to provide equipment and extensive places to flourish and play, continually building on this learning.

Our childcare and nursery education practice is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, as well as the teaching perspectives of theorists such as John Bowlby, Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget. Such literature offers insights into how children learn, develop and thrive.

We appreciate the value of the great outdoors and therefore each set has its own outdoor play spaces incorporating all areas of learning as identified in the curriculum framework. Equipment available includes climbing frames, mud kitchens, slides and interactive features. In order to maximise learning opportunities, we operate an open-door policy, giving your child the opportunity to choose, not only where they would like to play but with what equipment. The open-door policy runs alongside our planning system with practitioner-led activities taking place throughout the day.

Your child will learn to manage and take their own risks during play. They will begin to experience teamwork doing activities such as growing plants, fruits and vegetables which they will eat at snack times or in their main meals.

Through access to our Learning Livada, your child will experience additional Forest School activities such as den building, fire making, mini beast trails, wildlife viewing, woodcutting and mud play. All of which will help them develop in a variety of ways; encouraging independence, exploration and supporting their investigation skills, enabling your child to develop skills for now and the future