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Fundamental Foundations in Schools

BHT Early Education and Training work in a number of Primary/Nursery Schools and Academies offering tailored one to one Language Support and Narrative Group work for children in both the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

Our experienced and highly qualified Language Development Workers are trained to observe and identify children who require support. Where children are identified an assessment is completed. The Language Development Worker will then discuss any support they can offer with the child’s parents or carers and class teacher. Age appropriate activities are then provided to support the child’s area of need. Once the activity has been carried out this is then evaluated and more activities are planned. Since these are on an individual basis only 3 children can be supported during one session at any time.

During the same session the Language Development Worker can deliver a Narrative Group for children who have a range of abilities, where up to 6 children can be included in any one session. The Narrative Group approach focuses on modelling signs, showing colour-coded symbols and saying words. This develops children’s understanding, auditory memory, sequencing and literacy development.

For further information on Language Support packages for Primary/Nursery Schools and Academies please contact us.

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