Talking Together

BHT Early Education and Training’s intervention programme Talking Together will provide you with the skills to support your child, as we believe you are your child’s first and most important teacher/educator.

Talking Together is a six week adult-child interaction programme that delivers tailored language support for parents and carers. The sessions can be delivered in the home or within our training facilities at The Barn, or at alternative venues.

The Talking Together sessions will empower you to promote your child’s learning, reinforcing that you are your child’s first and most important teacher. They offer an understanding of language and how providing children with the opportunity to play is linked to learning.

The Language Development Worker will observe your child and identify their level of understanding, to see how well they are able to express themselves and how well they are able to socially interact with their peers.

The areas covered over the six week sessions include:

  • Week 1: Communication
  • Week 2: Play
  • Week 3: Attention & Listening
  • Week 4: Turn Taking
  • Week 5: Praise & Encouragement
  • Week 6: Overview

At the end of the six week programme, if required, the Language Development Worker can refer your child for Talking Together Plus, providing additional language support for a further six weeks. This course focuses on a specific area of your child’s language development that has been identified as requiring further support.

If your child is identified as being at risk of language delay the Language Development Worker can refer to the Speech and Language Therapy Services and/or Audiology with parental consent at any stage throughout the programme.

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Sonia Smith