Child Development

BHT Early Education and Training’s passionate and experienced practitioners are specialists in childcare and nursery education. They will take the lead on your child’s learning, taking cues from their individual interests and tailoring a stimulating and purposeful activity plan, not only to foster this learning but to scaffold it and encourage your child to reach their full potential. Each learning opportunity is expertly documented, capturing the significance in these actions and evidencing them to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which will highlight the learning which has taken place.

During your child’s first three years, we focus on three areas of learning, known as the prime areas of learning within the curriculum; ‘Personal, Social and Emotional’, ‘Communication and Language’ and ‘Physical Development.’ These areas are fundamental, they work together and are transferable to all other areas of learning as your child grows older. The way in which your child engages with other people and their environment underpins development, encouraging them to become active learners, creative and critical thinkers.