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Makaton Baby Signing is a great tool for all parents and carers to use with their babies and young children. It helps to develop communication skills from a very early age. This course will help you to understand how Makaton Baby Signing uses signs, symbols and speech to support communication and interaction.

There are 5 sessions, all of which are fun and interactive. You will learn approximately 100 signs and symbols using songs, games and activities.

Makaton Baby Signing is very visual, the symbols help to learn and the signs are taken from British Sign Language. Signs and symbols give clues to the meaning of words as visual information is easier to understand and can reduce frustration in babies and children.

Booking onto BHT Early Education and Training’s Makaton Baby Signing is not only a great way to support communication with your child but is a fantastic way to meet other parents and carers and share ideas and experiences.

Please contact us for prices and to book a place, or if you can’t get to us ask for details of how we can deliver in your area.

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01274 730 415


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Lisa Yung
Lisa Yung